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Law Office Turzański

Practice Areas

Food and Dietary
Supplements Law

The lack of appropriate and professional legal assistance may have highly unfavorable consequences, therefore legal consultation when introducing dietary supplements to the market is indispensable. Our Law firm provides advice on individual matter requiring knowledge of dynamically changing legal regulations relating to the food industry.

Corporate Law, Mergers
& Acquisitions Law

We advise on the selection of the optimal form of business, on the construction and reorganization of our clients' businesses.


Our Law Firm focus on the conscientious performance of entrusted tasks and keep up-to-date with changing legal regulations, which allows us to provide high-quality services whether for individuals, businesses, housing associations or developers.


Our goal is to protect the client's interests by ensuring that procedural actions are timely. We represent clients before common and administrative courts at every stage of the proceedings. Our Law Office provides professional assistance in conducting cases by preparing pleadings.


We treat broadly understood tax law as a branch of law that is extremely important in our practice. We will help you find your way out of the maze of complicated and changing tax regulations. We offer assistance in solving day to day tax problems.


The legal assistance provided by our Law Firm includes representation in all proceedings before public administration authorities at every stage of the ongoing administrative procedure as well as the administrative court procedure.